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Getting Started

To get started using the MLS Router API, please sign up on RF Dashboard. (How to Sign Up on RF Dashboard)


The request should include the following in the Request Body as x-www-form-urlencoded key/values:




The client ID provided by Realtyna


The client secret provided by Realtyna


The grant type, which should be "client_credentials"


  • Authorization: Set this header with the value "Bearer <access_token>" (replace <access_token> with the actual access token obtained during authentication).

  • x-api-key: Include this header with the API key provided by Realtyna.

  • Origin: Include this header with the API key provided by Realtyna. (Optional)

  • Referer: Include this header with the API key provided by Realtyna. (Optional)

The endpoint structure of all search requests is:


Valid resource values include the names of the valid RESO resources: Property, Member, Office and OpenHouse.

Sample for Property Search:

Code Block

RESO Media is nested within the Property Resource.





To get more records per query, we use the $top parameter. If you want just one record, you can specify $top=1, or if you want one hundred, $top=100. (default is 10 - max value is 200)


Use $skip to skip over a number of records. This is most useful in combination with $top to iterate over the results of a query. (default is 0)


You can limit the fields you want with $select. For example, if you want just the ListingKey and the StandardStatus, you would use $select=ListingKey, StandardStatus. If you want all the fields, you would use $select=ALL


You can get specific records you want with the $filter.


You can sort results via the $orderby parameter. This parameter accepts “ASC” and “DESC” as an argument (default is “ASC”).


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Don’t hesitate to contact Realtyna Support, if you have any questions.


401 Unauthorized

A 401 http response results when authentication fails. This is likely due to using an invalid x-api-key or account suspension.